We are a Year 1 class at Sylvia Park School, in Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Making an ambulance!


This week we have been learning about how an ambulance and ambulance officers can help us with our problems. If you're hurt or sick you can call the ambulance and the ambulance officers will come and help you. They might even take you to the hospital.

We learnt that an ambulance is yellow, green, and white. It has a siren and flashing lights.
We also learnt to dial 111 to call an ambulance.

After finding out about an ambulance and ambulance officers, we made a collage ambulance by colouring in some paper, cutting it up, and sticking it onto an outline of an ambulance.
Here we are colouring the paper black for the wheels

Here we are cutting up the paper into small pieces.

Christiaan is cutting up the yellow paper

Isla is sticking on the yellow paper

We used glue sticks to stick on the paper

Here we are all gluing and sticking the paper on

Our ambulance is almost finished! We need to add a few more bits of paper and some labels and then it will be up on the wall in the classroom for all to see!

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