We are a Year 1 class at Sylvia Park School, in Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Playing with Hula Hoops!

We went outside and we played with the hula hoops. Then we came back inside and we wrote about it.

We were spinning the hula hoops (Isla)

I am rolling the hula hoop with my hand (Hannah)

We lifted up the hoops and caught them (Deijah)

We were spinning the hoops on our arms (Hannah and Deijah). If you roll the hula hoop it will come back and you can grab it (Kaiya).

I am rolling the hoop (Abi)

We were swinging the hula hoops in the sky.

We wrote some fantastic stories about playing with the hula hoops! Here are some of us with our published stories.





We are really proud of our writing and can't wait to write more stories!

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