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Monday, 24 August 2015

Term 3 so far!

Term 3

We have had a busy term so far doing lots of learning! Here are just a few of the things we have been up to!


In inquiry we have been learning about things being unfair and fair (Emmanuel).

We read a story about the Sneetches. The Sneetches were sad because they didn't have stars on their bellies, and the sneetches with stars left the others out. 

We learnt that it doesn't matter if you have stars or not (Abi).

It was fun learning about the Sneetches (Deijah).


This term, on Fridays at Maths time we are doing problem solving. We have been learning about geometry which is all about shapes and patterns.

A square has 4 sides (Samiu).

A triangle has 3 sides (Christiaan).

A circle has 1 line (Isla).

We put the little shapes and big shapes in patterns. Me and Siah were buddies (Deijah).

Then we had to look at our patterns and draw them (Pauline).

Planting an apple tree

We had a special lesson with Bob. We helped him plant an apple tree.

Then we wrote some stories about planting the apple tree with Bob. Here are some for you to read.

Art with Whaea Dagmar

We had a super fun art lesson with Whaea Dagmar. 
She showed us some pictures of people that Joan Miro had made, and then we drew and painted our own !
We are really proud of our artwork, thanks Whaea Dagmar!

Chefs visit SPS!

Last Friday we had some chefs visit us and they brought us some food! They showed us how to make a wrap and some granola, and then we got to eat our own!

The wrap was crunchy and yummy. The granola was sweet.

We loved having the chefs come to Room 2!
Thank you Chefs!

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