We are a Year 1 class at Sylvia Park School, in Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Get Set Go!

This term we have had Get Set Go every Wednesday.

We have been learning how to catch and throw.

This Wednesday, we were throwing and catching the bean bags (Abi). We threw the bean bags into the hoops.
We were in 2 groups and we threw the bean bags to each other (Deijah and Corjzae)

We also threw the ball to the other kids around the circle (Siah). We all held hands and made a big circle (Deijah and Samiu).

Here is Georgia showing us how to throw properly

Now it's our turn to try!

Waitangi is showing us how he can throw

Get Set Go is great (Abi)
Get Set Go is good (Chanelle)
Doing Get Set Go makes us fit, strong, and healthy (Kaiya).

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