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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Food Revolution Day!


In Inquiry, We've been learning about healthy food and unhealthy food.

 Last Friday we had Food Revolution Day!! We watched a video of Jamie Oliver and he showed us how to make a sandwich. Then we made one ourselves!

First we smashed and squashed some fruit and vegetables with a rolling pin.

Next we put some dressing on the smashed up food. 

Then we spread hummus on the bread.
We put the smashed up fruit and vegetables on the bread, with some cheese, seeds, and salad cress.

Our sandwich was done!

Here is what we thought of our sandwiches......
It was yum (Abi)
It was crunchy (Samiu)
It was munchy (Pauline)
It was sweet (Hannah)
It was good (Ky-Mani)

I felt happy because it was fun and great (Corjzae)

It's good to taste different food. If you just try it you might like it, but if you don't that's OK (Deijah)

Thanks for having a look at out blog! 

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