We are a Year 1 class at Sylvia Park School, in Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday, 7 May 2015



On Wednesday we played football and Daniel taught us how to play.

Daniel talked to us about different animals and we moved like them.

We were being cheetahs. They run really fast (Kaiya).

Pauline was slow like a snail.

Then we all tried moving really slowly.

We were tall like a Giraffe (Hannah)

We were being ants (Christiaan)

We were dinosaurs.

Then we played a game.
We walked and then Daniel said stop and we had to freeze. We were trying to get to the other side without Daniel seeing us move. Daniel did funny noises to try and make us laugh and move. If he saw us move we had to go back to the start.

I was not laughing even though Daniel tried to make me laugh (Siah)

Then we played a game of soccer.

There were three teams: red, blue, and green (Deijah)
The blue team won! (Samiu)

We kicked the ball (Hannah)

We had to try and kick the ball into the goal (between the 2 cones).
You had to run fast (Isla)
We were kicking the ball (Siah)

We had lots of fun and can't wait to play again!

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